5 things to consider to stop your Shopify store from bleeding cash 👇

1. Watch shopper behavior on website and landing pages.

Use Google Analytics (set it up immediately if not already using)

What’s most popular/least on your site(s)? Start to note and organize observations for later use…keep reading

2. Experiment based on shopper behavior. Turn your notes into action.

Double down on more of what’s working. Investigate the least popular areas.

See a CTA that’s not converting? Write down some new ones. A/B test.

3. Make it a breeze to buy.

-Reduce the number of steps to checkout.

-Use landing pages. They’re easy and keep customers on track to purchase.

-Use a Cart drawer to keep visitors shopping while filling up their cart.

-Sticky “Add to Cart” button makes it easy to add products to shopper’s cart.

-Progress indicators – encourage higher spend in exchange for a free product/discount/free shipping, etc.

4. Update copywriting where needed.

If you’re not selling your customer on the problems you solve for them, toss it.

Paint a picture of their life with your product in it.

“You can relax knowing that your home is safe with Acme.”

5. A/B test – you’ll never know what works best until you test.

Google Optimize is free and works well.

Easy enough to set up A/B tests, but most importantly, you need to learn from what’s not working to make it worthwhile.

Understand why ideas failed and improve them.

That’s a wrap!

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