Today we’re going to be talking all about why keeping a heart open is the most important thing when things get rough different difficult that’s the key so let’s get straight to it keeping your heart open just probably this cliche that you heard again and again and again but it’s been through my personal experience that I really want to share with you why that works and why is one thing that you can always do to actually let the changes let the difficulty let the tough times pass through and not be hurt at the end of the day so the reason why we feel like change is so difficult or you know when when things in our lives begin to shift or when we begin to uncover different parts of our selves that just we have and we look into before why is that is also uncomfortable this first because it’s something we’ve never really dealt with before right so somewhere has never been its new is uncomfortable but thething is it doesn’t have to be painful in a way where we’re suffering and were struggling throughout this process of finding

who we are and in this process of you know going through this transformation and going through this change and what our natural tendency is wearing we’re confronted with something that we don’t know something that we could be afraid of or even just the unknown right something that we have no clue about our natural reactions we’re curious at the same time we want to protect ourselves we want to safeguard ourselves from whatever coming and that’s when we have shut down we closed our heart and we try to distance ourselves on what’s happening and we keep the distance we close up emotionally and we try to up and feel this uncomfortable feeling or the change or the hurt or you know it is something that you your time to kind of

overcome something from your past that you’re making peace with it might feel not so nice inside your chest within your body right as you have pasta that such emotion and if we find ourself in such a place I’m not going to see it to shut down and and and just try to stop all sensory experience we try to not feel what’s happening so that’s another way of describing closing up a heart but I want to share with you one thing just so important if you want to feel like you don’t want to hide you want to be afraid and anxious or you know filled with insecurities or self-doubt anymore and not very thing it is the fact that when we closed a lot of heart we’re keeping that experience in okay so in a sense think of something that happened you know when you were younger or whatever it may be that really destroyed you something that hurt you something.

How To    Open up your heart

I didn’t feel quite nice and insulted you noticed you knowthere was some sort of experience of it but the feeling kinda like oh mygoodness this is terrible okay off I go I’m gone you know I’m just connectingfrom what’s happening and from them is connect your heart closes style andyou’re like okay that’s it I don’t want to feel that now it’s goneso we think right until we come across situations very – of that you guys againwe you know meet a certain someone or some situation happens at work or athome and we will mind and again on event now this time not only are weclose enough to that past we’re not holding up to what’s happening to us inthis moment just because it’s triggering something from the past now we didn’tactually allow ourselves to fully experience another pass through usbecause no matter what it is that you’re feeling and you’re going throughespecially emotionally that emotion is just passing by letting you know this isa human experience this is what you’re feeling but after you have to allow Isurrender to that but opening up your heart it will pass through and bypassing through

I mean this emotion it will come like a wave through you you’ll feel it the body will feel it the pain hurt whatever it may be but once you complete surrender to what’s coming what you’re feeling is actually going togo away just like that magically just like that every single time and if you open up your heart to every single experience in life then you don’t hold it within you and then you will kind of accumulate those trigger points right those topics that you have your walk on eggshells because it’s too uncomfortable something that’s repeated then maybe you know the certain patterns in your relationship then you know it’s not something that you can straight awayfrom we kind of avoid cuz it’s uncomfortable so the times that we faceevery day where you feel like your comes stuff in the cornered like forcing toface the same uncomfortable situation again and again those who will start todisappear because there’s actually nothing you’re holding on within youthat can possibly be used to hurt you again or to feel like you’re being hurtby new situations in new moments and

all that really happens is all it takes isone event one moment where you do close your heart and then you do carry thatemotion that energy within you because the body has not had that experienceof letting it go so it’s safe within you and I’m sure you know what I’m talkingabout right you need to get into specifics here but you know you knowthere are some things that you know you can avoid you don’t talk about you knowwe should feel you don’t you know want to bring up those are exact things I’mtalking about we had that one not so nice experience but we by shutting downa heart carrying it throughout our lives and and in the civil way is ridiculouswe think we’re saving ourselves protecting ourselves closing up a heartwhen in fact that is making that carry the emotional this psychological in likeenergetic baggage with us every single moment onward unless we allow ourselvesto feel and a beauty is that if you allow yourself to feel and you choose toopen up your heart relax into whatever you’re actually going through it willpass you who you’re really are will never be hurt.

and now you don’t have a thorn that you know always there and you know find ways to protect yourself to not go there to avoid things it’s just gone and this is such an important thing for us to actually no experience and you can see for yourself right this is something I’ve experienced in myself and something I’ve seen again and again to my clients the moment we let that which we’re holding on to pass through us and we’ve to open our hearts to that experience it’s going to leave us it. we’re letting go and no longer have control over us so why is this important to redefining womanhood and you know why is it such an important topic.

if we’re trying to figure out what our nextstep is when we’re trying to you know create a live that you feels right andin tune with who we are actually meeting our Zand our you know wishes and desires and now the thing is if we do not open upour heart will be this accumulation of everything that has ever triggered iteverything that we tried over the course of our lifetime to try to protectourselves from and not what I’m doing on an ongoing basis all time right we’re ariver overcome by these emotions if something happens again I reminded ofthat we’re trying to create protection mechanisms that we don’t have to feelthat way again we’re doing so much probably unconsciously but we’re puttingin so much effort we’re going through Spillers emotions just because we closedup our heart at some point right but if we also open up our heart to the path orin the future from now on you have so much more space it’s like you free upthis rumor within there’s all you free up your cellar so you have this spacehow do you fill it with what you want and you’ll have so much more energy andwith this open heart you’re much more able to feel the wonderful things andthat beautiful feeling will actually show you the next step that beautifulfeeling is going to be your intuitive insight that will be your wisdom thatwill be your feminine guidance but

if we are closing up our hearts and we’re not you know letting all these experiences to pass through us then that mostly what we will feel every single day I’m not going to be feeling not only our minds and then we’ll chuck a mental chatter all that stuff well the only way to actually deal with that and to let that go not to exist is to let it all come through pass through I feel it all and by surrendering into it so I hope that this video has really helped you is the biggest thing that you know has really changed my life.

and when my clients begin to live in this way let’s make courageously say just to live in stop hiding from even the smallest experiences it makes the biggest difference and it is incredible what life actually gives to you when you’re open in this way and you’re willing to feel and you’re willing to receive your way to embrace life then it makes redefining womanhood creating a life for yourself that just feels so good to be just second nature that that becomes your natural way of living and you can’t help it but more be in flow with life so from struggling trying to hide walking on eggshells to now being in sloping in tune with yourself living this fearless way well this is not one stepping stone and this is that very thing but it does take courage and it is something to be felt

so if this is something you’ve never done before or you feel like okay somebody in this video really resonates with me and you don’t know where to go with it you donat know how to come up on your own let the emotions pass through or to connect begin to live with an open heart then feel free to comment below or email me and Natasha a feminine space comm because it’s so simple but really helpful when someone is there as we go through those emotions and let those ways of the past what we’ve been holding on to actually and be you know be passing through and be felt and be experienced so thanks for watching make sure to give you a thumbs up

if you liked this blog comment below and let us know have you like have you ever felt like you were closing upyour heart in what situations do you feel like you’re closing up your heartthe most and do you actually honestly think that it saves you protects youfrom what is happening or do you actually have a sense that after thateven has happened that pain that whatever happens we wait stays withinyou and it’s almost like something you have to live again and again so let usknow in the comments below and I hope to see you in the next videoand as we kind of come to almost an end of this redefining womanhood videoseries so thanks for being here for yourselfwe don’t ever hesitate to reach out it’s totally okay not to know how to startnot to know where to begin or not to even get the majority of one thing we’reall at kind of our own pace where we’re at where we’re at and that’s okay sostill ever hesitate to reach out if you through wish to have a bit more guidanceor someone to hold a space for you as love as you go through all of that sosee you tomorrow and five

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