in this blog, I’ll be going over an in-depth review of meridian grooming a premium below the belt grooming company for men I’ll be going over unboxing their quality and their price and answering a hot button question is this a better alternative to manscaped let’s get into it whisper everybody George here from GPS helping you dress better look better and ultimately be better through style tutorial and tips blogs like this in today’s blog guys we’ll be going over an in-depth review of meridian grooming a premium grooming brand for below the belt.

let’s jump into it I’ll be unboxing the comfort   package this is basically every product they offer into one box the first thing that you’re going to   get is the trimmer these trimmers come in two different colors they come in this light green   and in black as well you’re going to get two replacement ceramic blades which will last you   about a year because these blade ceramic blades tend to go dull a lot slower than the regular   metallic blades you’re going to get the spray for down there it’s basically an antiperspirant and   deodorant that is organic four down there which is awesome and

i’ll get into that one later you   are also going to get this sweet pair of boxers that are very soft and made with a lot of recycled   materials all designed to help you prevent swamp ass and smelly balls let’s move into the quality   of that actually the trimmer and the set itself and the first thing that i would like to point out   is that it has a 6000 rpm motor this is awesome for when you’re manscaping down there because it   can get very hairy and very bushy and very dense with a 6000 rpm motor you’re definitely going to   get through a lot of the hairs in a single pass and you’re going to notice that there’s no tugging   no nicking and none of this like itching burning sensation that you may feel when using a lower   rpm motor and what i also like about the rpm and the motor that they use is that it’s quite quiet a   lot of times when you have a high rpm motor that’s fairly cheap it is really noisy i know manscape is   not something you do all day every day but when you go ahead and do it you don’t want to have a   noisy experience

you want to make it a pleasant experience as the possible second thing I would like   to bring up is the ceramic blades this is their anti-nick technology with ceramic blades they’re   a lot more flexible than your regular metallic clipper blades and these are actually designed to   prevent any nicks tugs and overall cuts that may come about due to manscape because let’s face it   the skinning down there it’s the wild west there’s a lot of creases some skin is thicker than the   other and your nut skin is super sensitive with the ceramic blade they’re designed to be flexible   to cut the hair and avoid any nicks tugs and pulling the one pet peeve I have about the ceramic   blades is the hair might get caught underneath the blade where you would actually take the blade   out and replace it that’s why I recommend when you finish it you actually open it up and shake it out   as well but overall the hairs do not tend to get stuck in the guards now the third and final

the thing I’d like to point out about the trimmer is that it is a hundred percent waterproof I love this so much because it is super efficient and it helps you save a lot of time during your   grooming routine because you can actually be in the shower washing yourself getting you know   shampoo and conditioner on and you can still manscape in the shower and not worry about if   you’re actually going to destroy the product a lot of dedicated electric shavers and even man’s capers   are not waterproof and plus you want a manscape in the shower so everything just goes down the   drain and I love it this is a very nice touch now the last thing is the battery life of the trimmer   and it does run at 90 minutes per charge and it takes about two hours to fully charge which is   completely fine I don’t think any guy out there is going to be manscaping for more than 90 minutes if   you are what the hell happened I would love to hear that story of why it took you 90 minutes  

to trim down there that would be very interesting yet also concerning now on to the spray which is   basically an antiperspirant and deodorizer for down there and the first thing i like about it   is that it absorbs super quick and it is simple to use you spray two sprays on your hand you spread   it out and you get in there you get it underneath your balls on your balls in the thigh crease close   to the gooch and then you basically just let it air dry for a couple of a couple of minutes that’s   basically meant to be designed once you hop out of the shower towel off and then finish your overall   getting ready it has a lot of organic ingredients in it which i really like i don’t like using   talcs or powders or any harsh chemicals down there especially and it actually has a very   pleasant citrus and lemon infused scent which you don’t have to worry about it’s not an overpowering   set you only smell it while it is absorbing and while the skin is still fairly wet now moving on   to the part that most guys really care about is the price how much is this thing gonna cost me  

and is it actually worth it well for the trimmer and the spray set it’s gonna run you around 70 uh   which is actually a fairly good deal now if you really don’t care that much about the spray maybe   you’re not dealing with odors down there the trimmer itself is 60 bucks which i think is a   very great price because a lot of higher end trimmers will run you over 100 and over 120   dollars for the ceramic blades and the waterproof technology that they have so for 60 bucks it’s   quite a steal in my opinion now if you want the complete set the comfort package the one stop shop   so you get the trimmer the spray two replacement blades and a sweet pair of odor resistant box   repeat is gonna run you right at a hundred dollars us and in my opinion it’s a decent value just   because you’re getting those two extra replacement blades that is going to make the trimmer if you   don’t use any of this stuff you’re definitely going to use a trim and it’s going to make   it last for a year running at peak capacity if you just change the blades when it’s time to do so now   we’re getting into the nitty gritty of the price and is this a better alternative to manscaped  

well manscaped lawnmower 2.0 is going to run you around 85 and that’s just the trimmer the meridian   trimmer is 60 bucks it’s 75 with the spray so in my opinion you’re getting a better deal there   but if you want the new manscape lawnmower 3.0 it’s a hundred and thirty dollars it is   a trimmer it’s just running you thirty dollars more than a complete set that you would get from   meridian grooming and if you want the complete manscape set it’s again around another hundred and   forty dollars so i really leave it open up to you guys if you guys want a single trimmer for 140 or   a trimmer and spray for 75 and a complete grooming kit with replacement blades and a sweet pair of   boxers for a hundred bucks i’m gonna leave that open up to you guys there you guys have it that   is my in-depth review of meridian grooming and my opinion on is it a better alternative to manskip   if you guys made it this far into the blog thank you guys so much for watching be sure to drop me a   like if you found this review hello and subscribe to the channel because if you’ve watched this   far i can tell you’re way more serious about dressing better looking better and ultimately   being better thank you guys so much for reading and i hope to see you in the next blog peace

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