In today’s blog, I will tell you about 10 very important things related to food and drink to make you lean skinny body.

Friends, where many people are worried about losing their weight, some people are troubled because of their leanness, often people say to such a lot that we eat and drink a lot but still the weight is not increasing, this is why Happens because those people do not eat all those things which increase weight.

Therefore, how much you are eating is more important than what you are eating. If you include it in your diet for a few weeks continuously, then your weight will start increasing and your lean body will start getting fat.

1 Banana


Lean skinny people must eat banana, it contains vitamins, protein, iron, and potassium. Due to the presence of fiber, folic acid, and many other nutrients, it proves to be effective in increasing weight, if someone consumes it by making a shake with milk continuously, then within a few days, he will see a significant difference in his body.

2 Potatoes

Weight can be increased easily by consuming potatoes, in fact, due to the abundance of starch, fiber, vitamin C, complex sugar, and carbohydrates in it, it proves to be very beneficial in increasing weight if given daily in the morning during breakfast. If boiled potatoes of medium size are consumed, then weight gain starts within a few days.

3 Egg

Egg consumption is very good for gaining weight. It contains vitamins, protein, fat, and calories in large quantities. By consuming it, the muscles and bones become strong. If you do not want to gain weight fast, then definitely eat 4 eggs. two in the morning and two in the evening

4 Raisins

To gain weight, it is very important to consume raisins, in fact, a lot of calories are found in raisins, in which weight gain helps very quickly, if raisins are eaten daily after 5 o’clock in the afternoon on the side of breakfast. So this leads to rapid weight gain

5 Ghee

The oldest way to increase weight is by including desi ghee in the diet, along with increasing the weight, it also works to strengthen the body, it is rich in saturated fat and calories, which helps in increasing weight. Hey, you can eat it with roti by adding it to food or mixing it with sugar.

6 Milk and Honey

Weight gain also helps a lot drinking milk, although everyone should keep consuming milk to stay healthy, but to increase weight, if you drink 2 glasses of milk mixed with honey daily, then it increases weight very quickly.

7 Chickpeas

Eating chickpea is very effective due to weight gain, it is better to consume more raw chickpea than roasted chickpea, in fact, there is a good amount of fiber and protein in chickpea, which increases the weight as well as improves digestion. Therefore, such people must consume 1 handful of soaked chickpea daily.

8 Oats

oats are also healthy food, which has many benefits, it is very good to consume it in increasing weight, you can consume oats in the morning and evening, in this, you start eating every morning by including milk and jaggery. Within a day you will see the difference in your body.

9 Peanuts

If you can’t eat almonds every day, then eat peanuts instead because peanuts contain the same nutrients as almonds. Therefore, soak some peanuts in water or milk daily and consume it as soon as you wake up in the morning, it also increases weight.

10 Water

To increase the weight, it is very important that the digestion works properly so that the things eaten can be digested properly, so to keep the digestion always right, make it a habit to drink 2-3 liters of water daily, it detoxes the body, good digestion stays and all the parts of the body are able to work properly

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